by Ardath Albee, on Sep, 29, 2020

This is the 10th year of Content Marketing World and its theme of Break the Rules fits nicely with our focus and mission to rethink sales enablement to help our …

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Topics:Content ManagementSales EffectivenessBuyer AlignmentBuyer Conversations

by Robin Tinker, on Sep, 22, 2020

At Modus, the best innovative ideas win, and when it came up to us through customers, partners, and good old fashioned practicality, it was unanimously determined we would add a …

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Topics:Sales EffectivenessMicrolearningSales ReadinessCoaching

by Jen Borgstrom, on Sep, 10, 2020

Much of marketing’s success hinges on the sales team’s success. Yes, it’s true. If marketing’s true value is contribution to revenue, the biggest bang is going to come from enabling …

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Topics:Sales EnablementMicrolearningSales ReadinessMobile Sales Enablement App

by Jen Borgstrom, on Aug, 26, 2020

According to research, sales training isn’t doing the job we hoped it would. The Forgetting Curve is only one of its shortcomings. Sales training can become highly effective…with microlearning. Review …

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Topics:Sales EnablementSales Hub

by Eric Wells, on Aug, 20, 2020

Your Modus Sales Hub is an incredibly powerful tool that helps your reps have better conversations with your buyers. Have you ever wondered what else your Modus app can do? …

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Topics:Sales EnablementSales ReadinessSales HubMobile Sales Enablement App

by Orrin Broberg, on Aug, 19, 2020

For years, field sellers have thought of themselves as road warriors. Yet at least 80% of your sales team is now selling differently. Virtually. It’s not just what they do, …

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Topics:Interactive SellingSales EnablementSales ReadinessBuyer AlignmentBuyer Conversations

by Ardath Albee, on Jul, 29, 2020

Most marketers treat content like a tactic, not a product offering. Content truly focused on what your buyers and customers need to know becomes integrated with your products—just represented by …

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Topics:Content ManagementSales EffectivenessBuyer AlignmentBuyer Conversations

by Robin Tinker, on Jul, 21, 2020

The future of large trade shows and events is obviously uncertain at least in the near term, but pandemic or not, virtual events are booming while providing new challenges and …

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Topics:Customer SuccessSales EffectivenessSales EnablementSales HubVirtual Experience

by Eric Wells, on Jul, 21, 2020

Avengers Assemble: You Are In a Position to Influence I must say, I think Kevin Feige, the producer behind the cosmically successful Marvel Cinematic Universe film series, has it easy …

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Topics:Customer SuccessBuyer ConversationsMarketing & Sales Alignment

by Robin Tinker, on Jun, 24, 2020

I don’t need to tell you we are living in unprecedented times. Not only is it painfully obvious, but everyone else seems to be telling us this every day, which …

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