Ops Teams

Operations' responsibilities are growing—and resources are often not keeping pace. A simplified sales enablement platform that doesn’t require additional headcount to help reps engage buyers + advance deals is key for seeing investments in sales growth pay off.

Team onboarding with sales enablement

Get Fast Onboarding

Deliver onboarding content and just-in-time learning that drives seller competency. It’s known that traditional training loses 80% effectiveness after 30 days without reinforcement. Skills development and product knowledge modules allow reps to put training into play without worrying what they may have forgotten. Faster time to revenue is the goal. Modus helps you get that.

Reinforce Training

The complexity of your LMS can be overwhelming to reps during their daily workflows. It’s one thing to refresh with a course that updates them in minutes compared to re-taking a 2-hour course. One of these is not likely to happen. With quizzes and completion data, you’ll know which reps are keeping pace and which need more reinforcement. Simplify the way reps prepare to engage buyers and see more deals advance.

JIT Learning
Graco Playbook

Use Sales Playbooks

Adherence to the sales process can be elusive. Digital playbooks that put sales motions within easy reach and are included in daily workflows help reps use the tools and information you provide as designed. You’ll see buyer engagement flourish and pipeline momentum respond in concert.

Ramp Tech Adoption

Research shows that reps use more than a dozen point solutions—often not to their highest capability. Modus is designed to simplify effort, provide content, tools, and training in one place so that reps intuitively up their game. When 90% of reps at Toro can say that Modus has helped them be more effective in closing deals, you can have confidence that a simplified approach to sales enablement will pay off in a big way.

Ramp up tech adoption
Modus Analytics Desktop

Depth in Analytics

Data is plentiful, but it must also be useful. Sometimes high-level data is all you need. Other times it’s depth of data that must be used to optimize sales processes and business decisions. Layering data via filters helps data tell stories. Drill into which learning modules sellers’ access and complete. Use visualization when you need pie charts and bar graphs to tell the story. Or review a detail list to pinpoint an outcome.

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