Channel Marketing

Channel marketers need effective ways to gain mindshare, and successfully deliver consistent brand and product messages that drive higher performance for partner enablement initiatives.

Engaging Dealers with Modus

Engage Dealers

Limited visibility to dealer and distributor sales efforts on behalf of your channel partners leaves little room for impactful coaching, transferring brand knowledge, or consistently aligning programs and messaging. Modus is designed to make it easy for you to distribute appropriate content for each dealer—and for them to consume and share it.

Gain Mindshare

The ease of access to content, product information and go-to-market programs increases the amount of focus, attention, knowledge, and capability indirect sellers give to your products and brands in their selling environment.

Channel Marketing tools for sales success
Modus AT&T Channel Marketing

Activate Programs

Managing channel partners can be challenging. To make it less so, Modus has the tools you need to increase content consumption and program uptake. The combination of just-in-time learning modules, with go-to-market programs and product rollouts, helps dealer and distributor reps gain confidence selling your products. Alerts to what’s new ensures programs are seen as soon as you roll them out.

Increase Performance 

The enablement platform you choose is important, and the insights provided to your territory managers help them prioritize efforts to the dealers that need them. Knowing which products dealers focus on with customers enables you to put programs in place that capitalize on the interests of the customers in each region.

"Organizations that provide sales enablement platforms to channel partners help them become 2.3X more effective at achieving their sales goals."
Increase Channel Performance
Modus Media Manager Analytics

Partner Analytics

For many companies, partner-produced revenues are a significant factor for revenue growth. Insights into dealer rep + buyer activity across territories helps you understand how they’re engaging—so you can provide timely, relevant guidance that improves performance. Even better, your dealers and distributors get alerts when buyers engage with shared content, increasing their responsiveness to customers.

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