Modus simplifies sales enablement so revenue teams easily gain alignment to build sales growth.

Sales enablement is a team sport—a joint effort to achieve revenue growth.

If marketing, sales, and ops teams don’t work from the same foundation, efforts are fragmented. Customers become confused. Buyers feel conflicted about why they should choose your company to execute against the big bets they’re making. This is when decisions stall.

You need a sales enablement platform that focuses on the vitally important functions of distributing, consuming, and sharing content—along with a depth of data to provide insights you can act upon, and optimize your initiatives.

The outcomes each team needs to achieve may vary, but Modus helps the RevOps engine align, and ensure the big bets made by business leaders drive growth.


  • Increase Win Rates
  • Grow Seller Competency
  • Attain Program Adoption
  • Win Account Expansions
  • Seller Analytics


  • Push Out GTM Programs
  • Launch New Products
  • Grow Content Use
  • Gain Buyer Visibility
  • Usage Analytics

Ops Teams

  • Get Fast Onboarding
  • Reinforce Training
  • Use Sales Playbooks
  • Ramp Tech Adoption
  • Depth in Analytics

Channel Marketing

  • Engage Dealers
  • Gain Mindshare
  • Activate Programs
  • Increase Performance
  • Partner Analytics

Improve Rep Cross and Upsell

Karine Watne, Sr. Manager of Marketing Communications and Projects at The Toro Company, shares why reps are able to capitalize on cross and up-sell opportunities, leading to more business.

See how Modus contributes to sales growth by providing Toro’s reps with what they need, when they need it, making it easier to widen the conversation and advance deals.

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