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The Flexibility of Sales Enablement, Simplified

Sales growth is key for successful organizations. The last thing you need is a sales enablement platform that’s complex, bloated, and limits your ability to adapt. That's why we developed a simplified approach that allows you to flexibly address the critical components of a continuous revenue engine.


Modus can be a sales hub

Distribute content, go-to-market programs, and learning to prepare reps + dealers to engage customers with meaningful conversations.

Direct/indirect reps improve competency by consuming content and just-in-time learning—and stay on top of go-to-market programs, and new product rollouts.

And a buyer engagement system

Reps create meaningful engagements with customers, and share relevant follow-up content through personalized microsites—meeting the unique needs of buyers, wherever they are.

Buyers view content, invite other stakeholders, ask questions, and engage with salespeople to advance buying decisions—and quickly learn what they need to know.

That rolls up as a revenue engine

This culminates in a revenue orchestration engine that invites the collaboration of sales, marketing, and ops teams to continuously achieve sales growth goals.

And you can measure every step with a depth of data that provides insights for continuous optimization. You’ll gain more revenue from in-market programs with the ability to make adjustments in-flight vs. postmortem analysis.

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How Sales, Marketing, Channel, and Ops Teams drive sales growth.

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Capabilities You Need to Drive Sales Growth

Many sales enablement platforms do a lot of things okay. But most of the fancy stuff doesn’t get used—because it’s too hard and takes too much effort.

Modus enables you to simply distribute, consume, share, and measure sales content effectiveness to gain the optimal ROI from all the big bets your company makes to drive sales growth.

Modus Sales Enablement Capabilities

Get to Know Modus

Our mission at Modus is the relentless pursuit of meaningful engagements between sellers and buyers.

We've cut through the clutter to help companies across the globe:

  • Increase Content + Messaging Adoption.
  • Improve Sales Efficiency.
  • Optimize Sales Readiness + Effectiveness.
  • Decrease Maintenance Costs + Resources.
"Analytics in Modus give us progressively useful information. Marketing performance and user performance metrics are the two big buckets I use to increase sales content effectiveness."
Karine Watne
Karine Watne Sr. Manager of Marketing Communications + Projects - The Toro Company

Sales Enablement Shouldn't Be Hard.

Don’t be fooled by all the bells and whistles other sales enablement solutions offer. You don’t need them. What you do need is a tool that gives sales and marketing confidence to connect with buyers, and win more deals.

We didn’t cut corners, we cut the BS. Let us show you how easy sales enablement can be.